Emirates rejects Delta apology for 9/11 remark

Bitter argument develops between US and Gulf airlines
A bitter argument has developed between US and Gulf airlines over remarks by Delta’s chief executive Richard Anderson that appeared to link Gulf carriers with the September 11 attacks. He quickly apologised, but Emirates has rejected the apology.
Relations have fallen apart since, as reported, some airlines in the US appealed to the White House for action in a report claiming that the main Gulf carriers had received $40 billion in subsidies. The report urged the US government to renegotiate or scrap an Open Skies trade agreement.
Gulf airlines denied they received subsidies and commented that US airlines themselves received billions in subsidies following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Then Anderson told CNN: “It’s a great irony to have the United Arab Emirates from the Arabian Peninsula talk about that, given the fact that our industry was really shocked by the terrorism of 9/11, which came from terrorists from the Arabian Peninsula.”
The UAE and Qatar are US allies that offered military or logistical support following the 2001 attacks.
Delta apologised: “He didn’t mean to suggest the Gulf carriers or their governments are linked to the 9/11 terrorists. We apologize if anyone was offended.”
But Emirates responded: “We believe that the statements made this week by Mr Anderson were deliberately crafted and delivered for specific effect.”
[image courtesy Emirates]

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