Emirates to deploy record-breaker to Copenhagen

A380 to start flying in December will have as many as 615 seats
Emirates will soon launch the densest-ever A380, to Copenhagen on December 1. As many as 615 seats are on offer in a two-class configuration – also a first for the superjumbo.
There are no first-class suites, and the number of business-class seats is cut to just 58. That leaves a massive 557 seats in economy class.
These numbers contrast with the highest density A380 currently offered by Emirates, with a total of 517 seats including 14 suites in first, 76 seats in business and 427 in economy.
That will make a total of 8,601 seats per week between Copenhagen and Dubai and, Emirates points out, the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre of any commercial airplane.
It is not yet clear exactly how the space on the two-deck aircraft will be allocated – including the area on the upper deck where two first-class shower areas had previously been placed. But Emirates confirms that its Onboard Lounge area with attached bar will be available for business-class passengers.
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