End of SAS contract seals Danish airline’s doom

Danish airline Cimber may be forced to close in April 2015

The Danish airline Cimber will close in April 2015, the company has revealed. It says it is being forced to shut down after SAS opted to terminate a contract with the airline from next April.

“SAS did not wish to extend our current agreement on four CRJ 200 aircraft from April next year, thus the basis for Cimber’s continued existence has collapsed,” said Joergen Nielsen, Cimber’s director and co-owner. “It makes me very sad, but after careful consideration we have decided to accept the worst consequence, which is a total shutdown effective in April.”

Nielsen stressed that the airline would continue to fight for new contracts, but all of Cimber’s 130 employees now stand to lose their jobs.

“We will do everything we can to get new contracts before it’s too late,” he said. “If that fails, we will exercise due diligence in our efforts to make a controlled shutdown and avoid bankruptcy.”

Headquartered in Sønderborg, Cimber was founded in May 2012 in the wake of the bankruptcy of low-cost airline Cimber Sterling – originally established in 1950 as Cimber Air.



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