End to Norwegian strike may be close

Long negotiations during weekend end with no deal
Around 25,000 passengers are likely to be hit by another day of the Norwegian pilot strike, after long talks between the airline and unions ended without a deal on Sunday night. The discussion had simply taken a pause, union leaders stressed, after 29 hours of non-stop talks. Negotiations resume today.
Almost all domestic flights in Norway and Sweden have been cancelled on Monday, the airline said on Sunday night, one exception being a flight from Oslo to Svalbard. A few domestic flights in Denmark may also fly.
The ten-day strike that has grounded almost all of the budget airline Scandinavian flights since Wednesday could be close to resolution, according to press reports. The Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang says this morning that there is a shift in negotiations as the two sides focus on resolving the conflict instead of arguing in the media.
“Our perception is that both parties are set on finding a solution,” Arve Sigmundstad, pilot union Parat’s communications director, told the paper.
“We hope to find a solution tomorrow,” Hans-Erik Skjæggerud, Parat’s leader, told Norway’s state broadcaster NRK. “We don’t want to contribute anything that could disrupt the negotiations that are continuing, and which hopefully will result in getting the planes back into the air.”
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