Engine blows apart mid-flight

Boeing 737 makes speedy emergency landing
A Boeing 737 with 99 passengers on board had to make an emergency landing in Florida on Saturday when one of its engines suddenly fell apart mid-flight.
The Southwest Airlines aircraft flying from New Orleans to Orlando was above the Gulf of Mexico when the engine blew apart, forcing it to land in Pensacola.
Passengers on Flight 3472 were shocked by a blast to the left of the cabin and the sight of smoke pouring from the exposed turbine blades. Oxygen masks dropped and the plane made a dramatic descent about 25 minutes into the flight.
“All of a sudden, outside my window, there was a loud explosion, and then the plane started shuddering,” one passenger told KOCO-TV.
Parts of the engine’s cowling had fallen off, according to photos, with one photo showing that a metal object had pierced the fuselage. The pilots stabilised the aircraft and quickly divert the flight to Pensacola with the single working engine.
New York Daily News

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