Engine icing is latest Dreamliner problem

General Electric engine may ice up around storms

Boeing is warning airlines about a new problem – the possibility of ice appearing on the engines of some of its new aircraft, including the Dreamliner.

The icing could occur on a specific type of General Electric engine, the GEnx. Boeing added that such planes should avoid thunderstorms that may contain ice crystals. Icing could result in diminished engine performance.

Airlines with planes affected include United, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa and Air India, AP reports. Models affected are the 787 Dreamliner and the 747-8. Other airlines, including Norwegian, use another engine type, the Trent 1000, to power their 787s.

Boeing said that GE is “working diligently” to deal with the issue and that corrections “will be introduced into the fleet as soon as they are available.”

AP / KOMO / Bloomberg