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Environment “not in focus” when Swedes choose holiday

The self-catering cottage provider Novasol is publicising research listing what influences Swedes when choosing holiday.

A new study commissioned by the self-catering holiday rental provider Novasol shows that the travel agency, tour operator or OTA is the most important factor when Swedes are planning a holiday.

In contrast to recent reports about concerns for the environment restricting air travel in Sweden, in this research the environment is mentioned by only a small minority.

Almost a quarter (22%) answer that the travel company is the main thing that influences the choice of how and where to spend their vacation, according to the poll conducted by Swedish market research firm Novus.

In second place is the economy or financial situation at 16%. As an influencer for holiday choice, the environment and the climate come sixth with 9%, Denmark-based Novasol says.

“Although the environment issue has become increasingly important for many, it is the company that weighs heavier than the environmental aspect. You want to be sure to have fun and relax on your holiday,” Torbjörn Fredman of Novasol says.

In the 30-49 age group, the economy is even more important, with 26% answering that the company weighs heaviest and 21% that the economy affects the choice of holiday the most.

“When on holiday, we want to be able to relax and let go of all the concerns of everyday life. So I believe that the environment falls outside the focus for many. But if we ask the same question in five years the answers could be different,” says Fredman.

A total of 1,187 interviews were conducted among the Swedish public during the period January 30 to February 7, conducted via random web interviews among Novus clients.

Question: Which of the following affects your choice of how to spend your holiday the most?
The company you are vacationing with – 22%
Economy – 16%
Experience – 15%
The destination – 14%
The weather – 12%
The environment/climate – 9%
Personal interests – 9%
Other – 1%
Don’t Know – 2%

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