Estonia reaches out to Russian medical tourists

Almost 70 doctors converge on Estonia’s coastal health spas
Despite the recent decline in the number of Russian tourists going abroad, nearby Estonia is hoping to boost its incoming figures after welcoming as many as 68 doctors from the St Petersburg area. They visited the health spas of the coastal resort of Pärnu.
The number of Russians visiting the town’s spas has fallen by almost 40% in recent years, and this is the biggest delegation of Russian medics the resort has seen and includes pediatricians, dermatologists, internists, neurologists, allergists and cardiologists.
“We are showing Russian medical doctors what Estonia can offer and how hospitable we are,” explained Kairi Lusik, chief executive of Viiking Spa.
“Such active participation is positive news. It’s clear we are very happy and will show all the possibilities that we can offer in the spa business,” Jaan Ratnik, board member of Tervis Spa, added.
“Before recommending a health spa to a patient, it’s best if the doctor has first-hand knowledge about it. As soon as we started to invite them to visit our spas, their attitude changed. Many will come again themselves later and refer their patients to us,” assured Michael Bartashevich, one of the event’s organisers.
[pictured: Viiking Spa, Pärnu, Estonia]

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