Estonia to ban bar and restaurant happy hours

Minister of Health attacks alcohol in various forms
Estonia’s minister of health, Jevgeni Ossinovski, has introduced a new bill that would ban happy hours from bars and restaurants, stop the sale of alcohol at petrol stations and make rules on alcohol ads much tougher.
The aim is to cut alcohol consumption from 10 litres of pure alcohol per person per year now to under eight litres.
Under the law, catering establishments would not be allowed to offer two-for-one happy-hour deals or any similar discounts from 2017 onwards. In addition, alcoholic drinks would have to be separated from other products in shops, using non-transparent walls.
All outdoor advertising would be banned and ads would be limited to a monochrome still picture and a brief audio cue with product information and a health warning.
The Estonian Association of Breweries said the new rules would be the strictest in the whole of Europe.