Estonian Air Unveils “First” Facebook Tool

Users can contact other passengers on the flight and communicate.

Estonia, one of the European Union’s smallest members, has already made a name for itself in a big way with pioneering IT innovations such as Skype and being the most advanced country in the EU for e-governance. Now the small but visible national airline Estonian Air has unveiled a virtual meeting place for travellers who use its flights. Passengers who fly the airline can use a new application called Flight Book on the airline’s Facebook page to view who is on the same flight with them, contact other passengers, communicate with them and agree on sitting next to each other.

“Estonian Air has opened a flight-based communication environment, which to my knowledge is the first in the world,” said Rauno Parras, Estonian Air’s VP Commercial. “The new Facebook application allows passengers who use Estonian Air to communicate independently of the airline. Passengers who have registered in the environment can communicate with each other and agree to arrive at the airport at the same time so they can sit next to each other on the plane,” Parras explained.

“I’m sure you have seen friends and acquaintances who are surprised at running into each other at the airport and finding out that they’re on the same flight. The new application means that they can find out this pleasant surprise earlier. It allows people to spend their time on the plane together.” Kaia Kanepi, an Estonian professional tennis player, became the first famous user to agree to record her flights in Flight Book. However, the airline stresses that disclosing flight data is strictly voluntary and not compulsory. The passenger list on Flight Book does not represent the official or final passenger list.

Estonian Free Press

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