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Cross-country skiing in Gällivare (photo: Anna Öhlund/imagebank.sweden.se)

Estonian carrier starts Swedish domestic route

A subsidiary of the Estonian national airline is starting Stockholm-Arvidsjaur-Gällivare flights this week.

Regional Jet, a subsidiary of Estonia’s national airline Nordica, made its inaugural flight on the Stockholm-Arvidsjaur-Gällivare route on Sunday.

The new route represents a domestic link commissioned by local governments in Sweden, the public procurement for which Nordica and its subsidiary won in mid-August. The contract for the route is valid until October 2019.

Operated with a CRJ900 aircraft, the plane departs Stockholm Arlanda for Gällivare in Lapland, located right in the very north of the country, with a stopover in Arvidsjaur.

The flights depart at 09:15 and 19:15 from Monday to Friday and at 20:30 on Sundays. Flights from Gällivare to the Swedish capital depart at 06:00 and 15:00 from Monday to Friday, also with a stopover in Arvidsjaur.

On Sundays, the departure from Arvidsjaur to Stockholm is at 15:00. There are no flights at all on Saturdays.

Home market: Europe
Toomas Uibo, Nordica’s marketing director, says that “offering export services abroad” is now a key component of the Estonian airline’s business model.

“In a country as small as ours, the home market of any airline has to be Europe as a whole,” he remarked.

“Whereas 15 years ago it was still possible to develop aviation here with a focus on Estonia itself, that’s much harder to do these days, so one solution is to export your services to other countries. And the route we’ve just launched in Sweden is a perfect example of that.”

Estonian travellers will now be able to fly with their own airline via Stockholm all the way to Swedish Lapland, he added, where “snow and ideal conditions for both downhill and cross-country skiing are guaranteed in the winter months”.

Dundret ski centre in Gällivare has hosted a number of world championship events in winter sports and is a favourite training ground for the national teams of many countries, Nordica stresses.

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