Ethical tourism tips for agents selling Tobago

There’s much more to Tobago than sitting on the beach
Tobago is well known as a pioneer of ethical island tourism, preferring tropical gardens, picturesque houses and traditional home-cooked food to high-rise resorts.
The lack of cruise ships and mass tourism means that 70 cents out of every tourist euro spent in Tobago stays on the island – almost five times as much as on other Caribbean islands.
But Justin Francis from lists in TTG Digital some ethical tourism tips for travel agents to share with clients when selling trips to Tobago.
First, clients should know that “there is much more to do in Tobago than simply sit on the beach. Waterfall treks, snorkelling and diving, cycling, music, dance and horse-riding are just a handful of the activities available – all run by local people that were born and raised on the island, keen to share their stories.”
Second, he suggests responsible turtle watching: “Sea turtles nest and hatch on the beaches from March to September, with peak nesting times for endangered leatherback turtles from April to June. Remember that to watch turtles nesting in Tobago, your clients will need a permit and a guide.”
He also recommends Speyside as being the best side on the island: “The majority of tourists stay in the south-west of the island near the airport, and by doing so they miss out on some of Tobago’s best kept secrets. Consider including Speyside, located in the north-east, in your clients’ itineraries. This is home to most of the island’s natural history and some of the healthiest and most pristine flora, fauna and coral reefs.”
More tips can be found by clicking here.
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