ETS fines for airlines begins – in Germany

Germany fines carriers for not paying for emissions

Germany has become the first country to enforce the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS). It has fined a number of non-EU airlines for not paying for their carbon dioxide emissions.

Air China, Shanghai Airlines, Aeroflot and several small US carriers were found to be in breach of the regulations, according to European Commission documents published in February. But Germany has not named the airlines being hit with a fine, or how much the fine will be.

The EU began implementing ETS in 2012, charging all airlines flying within, to and from the EU in an effort to cut back on environmentally damaging carbon dioxide emissions.

Following a worldwide backlash, it kept the rules to internal EU flights only, for at least one year, to give the United Nations time to come up with a worldwide alternative. That exemption on international flights was then extended until at least 2016.

But airlines are still liable for emissions made in 2012, before the exemption started.


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