EU considers ban on flight surcharges

Chairman of EU Transport Committee asks for investigation

The European Community is considering a Europe-wide ban on flight surcharges. Additional fees for everything from paying by credit card to “administration costs” – commonly used by “low-cost” airlines but also increasingly by premium carriers – often reduce clarity and can double or triple the advertised price of a flight. More and more charges are being added as time goes by.
In the UK, the consumer group Which? has launched a “super-complaint” against these fees, asking the Office of Fair Trading to investigate. And Brian Simpson, an MEP and chairman of the European Union Transport Committee, has requested that the European Commission find a way to force airlines to use a single price for every flight. Siim Kallas, the commission’s vice president and commissioner responsible for transport, is considering the idea. However, as with banks, airlines may simply find more cunning ways to charge passengers.