EU refuses to back down against Chinese airlines

“If the Chinese want to do business in Europe, they have to comply with the rules”

China’s refusal to pay for the EU’s pollution permits before landing in Europe has met with stony faces at the European Commission. As reported, while some airlines have started to pass the additional costs on to passengers, China’s carriers are refusing to do so.
Isaac Valero-Ladron, spokesman for the EU’s climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard: “We are not modifying our law and we are not backing down […] It’s like, if the Chinese want to do business in Europe, like open a restaurant or something, they have to comply with the health and safety requirements. This is not that different. If you want to operate in Europe you have to respect the law, you have to respect the environmental law.”
However, there may be a way forward and the Commission is in talks with various countries. Valero-Ladron added: “If any country wants to reduce emissions differently, that is fine with us as long as their measures have an equivalent environmental impact.”
[pictured: China Airlines joins Skyteam, 2010; courtesy Skyteam]


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