EU sanctions force Russian airline to stop flying

Aeroflot’s LCC Dobrolyot suspends all flights from today

Dobrolyot, the low-cost carrier operated by Russia’s national carrier Aeroflot, is suspending all flights as from today. The news comes after its aircraft lease agreement was cancelled when the European Union placed sanctions on Moscow for its role in the Ukraine crisis.

“Following cancellation of a lease agreement for Boeing 737-800 planes because of sanctions introduced by the EU against Dobrolyot, we are forced to temporarily halt flights on all routes as of August 4,” the company said on its website.

Another airline will fly passengers who have already bought tickets or give them a full refund, Dobrolyot said.

The carrier began operations in June, its maiden flight being to Simferopol, capital of Crimea, which Moscow annexed in March. It flew to seven other cities in Russia.


[pictured: Dobrolet was originally a predecessor of Aeroflot]