Europe holiday season from hell

Severe heat, airport waits and anti-tourist protests
A heatwave, forest fires, protests against tourists, airport queues and fears about shortages of water and power are turning holiday dreams into nightmares across southern Europe.
Temperatures way above 40C have killed people in countries like Italy and Romania and led to steep rises in hospital admissions. In Portugal, wildfires have killed 60 people.
Tourists and locals alike are using public fountains to cool off, despite new fines in Rome against it. Hospital admissions in Italy are up 15%, with Italians calling this heatwave Lucifero.
Authorities in several countries have issued restrictions on working hours and traffic, advising people to stay inside and avoid alcohol. The heat has buckled train tracks in Serbia. In the Alps, temperatures at 1,500 metres above sea level are not dipping below 20C.
There has been chaos at airports in cities like Barcelona, due to stronger EU border controls as well as a strike. Some people waited so long they missed their flights.
Locals in several parts of Spain have been protesting against tourists, who they say bring more harm than good to their communities. Thousands in Venice recently protested against mass tourism and there have been protests in Valencia and San Sebastián. The anti-tourism group Arran has vandalised tourist bikes and a bus in Barcelona and hassled tourists in Mallorca.
A report published in the Lancet Planetary Health magazine warns there could be 151,500 “heat-related fatalities” each year in Europe by the end of the century.
The Guardian

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