Europe to benefit from US outbound trend

Europe welcomes 5% more US citizens in 2012

Total US travel to overseas markets reached 42.2 million in the first eight months of this year, with Mexico remaining a major destination (13.7 million travellers) followed by Canada (8.5 million). Excluding Canada and Mexico, 7% more Americans travelled overseas during the period, with Europe welcoming 5% more US citizens (7.9 million).
The statistics from the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries and the US Department of Commerce list other outbound markets as: Caribbean, 4.7 million travellers, up 8%; Asia, 2.9 million, up 6%; Central America, 1.7 million, up 12%; South America, 1.2 million, up 4%; Middle East, 1 million, up 14%; Oceania, 361,000, up 10%; and Africa, 255,000, up 1%.
US travel to Europe claimed 19% of all US outbound international travel during the period.
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[pictured: Check-in at American Airlines’ terminal at New York JFK]