European agreement finally reached on PTD

Draft law on package travel updates current EU rules
The European Council and European Parliament have finally reached agreement on the long-awaited Package Travel Directive. The draft law on package travel updates current EU rules on package holidays that date back to 1990.
Key elements of the directive include the same protection for travellers who put together their own package holidays online as for those who buy from traditional travel agents.
Holidaymakers will also be able to cancel a package deal contract if the price rises by more than 8% as well as ensure they receive transport home if their tour operator goes bust.
The definition of “package holidays” has also been extended to include most types of arrangements made up of a number of elements such as flights, hotel accommodation and car hire.
A statement issued by the European Parliament added that “click-through” online travel arrangements in the “package” definition had additionally been included to give online package deal buyers the same liability and insolvency protection as buyers of traditionally pre-arranged (travel agent) packages or combinations of services bought from a single sales outlet.
Meanwhile, additional services purchased from separate traders through linked online booking processes, where the traveller’s name, payment details and e-mail address are transferred between traders within 24 hours of the original sale being concluded, will also be considered part of the original package.
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