European destinations in crisis are an opportunity

Travel agents are seeing potential bargains in these crisis-hit countries

Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Greece are among the worst crisis-hit countries in Europe. Does this mean there are travel bargains to be had in these warm and scenic destinations? Agents are seeing bargains for tours to these places, including everything from airfares, hotels and restaurants, to visits to the best tourist sites. Trips there are cheaper this summer than to the UK, France and Italy.
However, bargains can still be hard to find. Agents should be careful not to send clients to cities that could turn violent, as Athens has on several occasions. With the multiple crises around the world this year, banking on a suitable destination for tourism has become like playing roulette. But while hotels and restaurants may slash prices, flights to these troubled destinations may not necessarily be cheaper. “A lot of people don’t realise this, but if demand isn’t there, an airline reduces flights and raises prices. A hotel and a restaurant can’t do that. They must lower prices,” says one expert.
[pictured: Lagoa, Portugal]