Europeans search for flights longer than flying

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Growing search time highlights complexities of flight choice
These days, consumers spend an average 3.5 hours finding the perfect flight – often longer than the flight itself, according to a new survey.
The results highlight the vast array of flight options available to travellers today, and the potential dilemma of easily finding the right fare at the right price.
As the weather grows colder, more than 43% of western Europeans are expected to take a continental city break or escape to places like the Canary Islands for some winter sun.
However, these travellers are spending an average of 3.5 hours to find their perfect flight, which can often exceed the duration of the flight they are actually booking, according to the survey commissioned by travel technology company Sabre.
Of those planning a Christmas shopping trip across the Atlantic, one in ten will spend more than seven hours searching for their flight – almost as long as the journey to New York.
“Holidays are meant to be an escape, but before they get to their destinations, people are spending hours finding the flight that best suits their needs,” explains Roshan Mendis, senior vice president EMEA at Sabre.
“This is compounded by airlines increasingly unbundling their fares and selling a wider range of extras. It’s a real paradox – on one hand the choice is fantastic for passengers, but on the other it makes flight search and comparison tedious and complex – with some people visiting 38 websites before making a booking.”
However, after banks, airlines are the businesses that people are most willing to share information with in return for a more personalised experience – more than sectors such as online retailing, music, TV and fashion.
“The future of travel revolves around how well airlines and other travel suppliers can get to know and communicate with their travellers,” Mendis continues. “Our research shows a willingness from travellers for airlines to use data to improve the flight experience. This is great news, but today we’re only scratching the surface.”
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