Europe’s first underwater museum

More than 300 sculptures under the waves in Lanzarote
An underwater museum with more than 300 sculptures created by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has opened to the public.
The installations have been placed 14 metres under the Atlantic waves at Museo Atlántico in Bahía de Las Coloradas (Coloradas Bay), on the south coast of Lanzarote in Spain’s Canary Islands.
The 2,500sqm site can be explored by scuba divers but can also be viewed from glass-bottomed boats.
The sculptures were created with pH neutral materials designed to foster the reproduction of local fish species, creating a habitat for marine life in a UNESCO-designated World Biosphere Reserve.
The works portray “dialogue between past and present and the divisions within society”. One of them is called The Raft of Lampedusa, showing a boat crammed with refugees heading to Europe.
“This isn’t just a gimmick,” says Telegraph writer Hazel Plush. “Every piece is in harmony with its surroundings and designed to attract marine life while giving snorkelers and scuba divers some food for thought too.”
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