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Stine R. Westby, incoming director of Oslo Airport (photo: Avinor)

Executives swap places at Avinor

Avinor has internally swapped the executives in the positions of the director of Oslo Airport and the executive vice president for operations and infrastructure for the group.

Stine R. Westby, executive vice president for operations and infrastructure with Avinor, has been appointed the director of Oslo Airport, while Øyvind Hasaas, who had previously held the position, will take over Westby’s previous responsibility for the area of operations and infrastructure.

“This is a solution I am certain is good for Avinor. It will contribute to develop both Oslo Airport and the operations and infrastructure unit. Such an exchange creates dynamics and innovation, which is particularly important in times where we are trying to find new and more cost-effective solutions through a major cost-reduction programme,” says Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO of Avinor.

Role and responsibility
The company says that, among other things, the operations and infrastructure unit is responsible for development projects and terminal design and constitutes a significant professional community, under which there are currently several key projects in its ongoing cost reduction programme.

The exact time for the exchange of roles and responsibilities has not yet been decided but is expected for late summer or early autumn.

“I’m looking forward to starting one of Norway’s most interesting jobs, and am humbled by the task. This is a job with great social responsibility that I am looking forward to get to grips with,” Westby says.

“I’m looking forward to new responsibilities and the opportunity to use my experience from Oslo Airport for the benefit of the entire Avinor group,” Hasaas says.

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