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Exhibition of a Munch original – at an airport

Oslo’s famous Munch Museum is showing an original work of art outside the museum for the first time.

For the first time, Oslo’s famous Munch Museum is displaying an original work of art outside the museum property – at the city’s main airport.

Passengers will be able to experience a succession of Munch’s paintings in a specially designed showcase inside Oslo Gardermoen’s new-look international terminal for the next ten years.

The first work was revealed on Friday, which was also the first anniversary of the official opening of the newly redesigned terminal.

Airport operator Avinor and the museum have signed a ten-year agreement to display original works by Norway’s foremost artist at the airport.

“With this, the Munch Museum and Oslo Airport wish to give travellers an unusual and surprising experience, an art break in an otherwise busy day of travelling,” says museum director Stein Olav Henrichsen.

Inner life
The first of Munch’s works to be displayed is the painting Head by Head (1905), characteristically featuring the artist himself. In addition, the stone used for the lithograph Separation (1896) will be on show.

Both depict two people who are separate but at the same time connected – examples of the artist’s exploration of “the inner life of modern man”. They will be replaced by another original work after a period of one or two years.

The works form part of Oslo Airport’s new art program, and making art “available” is also one of the main goals of a new art plan by the city of Oslo. The idea is for people to experience art in a place that many people visit.

“Munch’s works are a part of the DNA of Oslo, something unique and exciting about our city. Treating the travellers at Oslo’s airport to a face-full of Munch is a great way of welcoming them to our city,” said city council leader Raymond Johansen, who unveiled the work.

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