Exhibitors ready for Stockholm travel fair

Stockholm Central Station to take on another role

Stockholm Central Station will soon take on another role when the Stockholm Travel Show opens its doors to all who enjoy traveling, on October 23 to 25. The fair, which is being held for the third time, expects 40 exhibitors to be at the event, an increase of 15% since the show’s spring fair.

About a quarter of a million people pass through Stockholm Central each day and half of these are in the station for at least half an hour.

Exhibitors include tour operators, airlines, destinations and hotels, such as Viking Line, BTC Treble, Hekla Travel, Finnair, Serbia, MK Mountain Resort, 88 Rooms, MTR, Visit Benidorm, Hanaholmen, Mäklarringen Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago Tourism, Eckerölinjen, ER, Secret Escapes, Vann Spa Hotel and Conference Smögens Hafvsbad, Tallink Silja, Vaasa Region Tourism, Incredible India, Karlstad, Visit Södermanland, Östergötland, Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Flen Municipality, Katrineholm Municipality, Vasteras Airport, Ryanair, Lifestyle Publishing, China Experiences.

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[photo by Tibor Barany ©TIBORFOTO.com]