Expanded Nazi bunker museum reopens

Danish site gets complete redesign and exhibition areas
A unique museum on the west coast of Jutland recently reopened to visitors, telling war stories inside an old Nazi bunker.
The Tirpitz Museum, or Blåvand Bunker Museum, has been completely redesigned inside a bunker initially built in 1944 as part of a defence around the city of Esbjerg, but it was never completed.
Work on expanding the museum began in 2012, with Bjarke Ingels Group – which created one of the Ground Zero exhibitions in New York and Google’s new headquarters – brought in for the redesign. The new-look museum has open spaces and is built into the dunes.
“In a way you can say the museum has been conceived as the antithesis of a bunker,” says Ingels. “The museum is an open, airy and welcoming meeting place in the heart of the dunes.”
Areas include an exhibition about the Atlantic Wall, the 20,000-year history of the Danish west coast and the biggest collection of amber in Denmark.
Copenhagen Post