Expedia gives Stockholm visitors local tips

Swedes share their capital city’s hidden gems online
Following the launch of MyRealLondon, the online travel company Expedia has launched a new virtual community focusing on Stockholm and its “wealth of incredible and often unexplored places”.
“Stockholm is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. Unfortunately, many visitors get caught up in various tourist traps and miss out on an authentic experience simply because they don’t have the insider knowledge needed to make the most of their time in the city,” explains Expedia’s Anna Ekeroth.
“The idea behind MyRealStockholm is to arm travellers with local tips and tricks to discover the city’s lesser known delights.”
MyRealStockholm enables both residents and tourists to share the great finds they come across when exploring the city. Locals are encouraged to contribute. Available in both Swedish and English, it is “a treasure trove of undiscovered attractions and interesting new experiences” which readers are unlikely to find in the travel guides.
Some tips will even surprise the locals, Expedia says. These might recommend, for example, a Viking-themed restaurant, a bar serving cocktails made with vodka, dill, honey and pickles, or “a restaurant where Sweden’s most skilled magicians perform at your table”.
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