Expedia shows Swedish outbound travel trends

Indonesia appears to be hottest destination for 2015

Interest among Swedes in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, is greater than ever, a survey of bookings in 2014 by online travel agency Expedia.se reveals. The agency says the survey also provides a glimpse into travel trends in 2015.

In terms of the number of bookings, Indonesia is the country with the biggest increase in bookings in 2014 – by as much as 130%. Other destinations that have increased significantly during the year are Switzerland, Greece and Brazil. Brazil has experienced 75% more bookings and searches among Swedish travellers.

But the most popular destinations in 2014 were still classics like the United States (1st), England (2nd) and Spain (3rd), topping the booking statistics this year.

Indonesia is also the destination where Expedia.se has seen the sharpest rise in terms of the number of searches. The upward trend applies to Southeast Asia as a region, with countries like Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Japan, all getting increases of over 50%.

“We are seeing growing interest in Southeast Asia among Swedes,” Susanne Svensson, Nordic Marketing Manager at Expedia, said. “In particular, Indonesia with its untouched nature and secluded beaches has had a boost. […] At the same time we see that Thailand is unchallenged as the Swedes’ favourite in the region.”

One of the reasons for the increasing interest in Southeast Asia is low ticket costs, with airlines such as Emirates and Etihad both offering affordable travel via Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Svensson continues.

But much closer destinations are also seeing more Swedish travellers. Denmark and Norway have seen increases in bookings and searches. The interest is mutual; both Norwegian and Danish travellers will visit Sweden to a greater extent, according to Expedia statistics.

Top 10 most booked destinations at Expedia.se, 2014 (2013 place in brackets):

1. United States (1)

2. England (2)

3. Spain and Canary Islands (3)

4. Italy (4)

5. Germany (5)

6. France (6)

7. Denmark (7)

8. Thailand (10)

9. Holland (9)

10. Czech Republic (8)

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