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Experience Thailand’s 77 provinces in one place

A new attraction in Bangkok is promised to be a “window” into the rest of the country.

A new $20 million cultural and retail attraction to open in Thailand’s upcoming Iconsiam development promises to bring together 3,000 traditional businesses and craftsmen from the country’s 77 provinces in a single destination, TTG Asia reports.

“SookSiam is like a window into every province and into every corner of Thailand,” explains Chadatip Chutrakul, CEO of the retail company Siam Piwat and director of Iconsiam.

“The outlets at SookSiam are real stores that all have real counterparts in towns and villages around Thailand and which are transposed into SookSiam.”

She continued: “Within SookSiam are outlets of varying types that are built in the style of their respective regions, and which offer regional specialties, whether they be crafts, foods, beverages or services that are unique to that region.”

To bring the local towns to life, the attraction will leverage technology and interactive virtual reality software, added Chayapong Naviroj, CEO of SookSiam.

Everything special
Explaining the idea further, Luckana Naviroj, who is producing and curating the attraction, said: “Everything special being presented at SookSiam is created by someone somewhere else in Thailand. We ‘co-create’ with them by adding our knowledge of consumer preferences and supporting them with innovation as well as with retailing and marketing techniques based on our insights into the needs of Thai and foreign visitors.”

SookSiam will cover 1.6 hectare in the $1.7 billion Iconsiam, a mega riverside project scheduled to open at the end of this year.

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