Experts look at how best to sell cruise

Roundtable of cruise lines looks at marketing

A recent TTG Digital roundtable found that the cruise industry needs to be talking about onboard experience rather than price, with some cruise lines admitting that 2013 prices are too low.

The cruise industry is competing against traditional resort-based holidays and needs to keep advertising what cruising offers, representatives from Norwegian Cruise Line, Planet Cruise, Virgin Holidays, Travel Network Group and Cruise Lines International Association agreed.

“When we talk about value, that sometimes gets mixed up with price as well,” said Nick Wilkinson, Norwegian’s director of business development UK and Ireland. “Most cruise lines are going down the route of talking about the experience, talking about how much you can do onboard a cruise ship and how much you can do where you’re actually visiting.

He added: “That is what we are trying to get across, because I still believe people see a price and get fixated on the price. What we want to do is get them fixated on the experience.”

Andy Harmer of Cruise Lines International Association said that agents and cruise lines were getting better “at telling the cruise story where price isn’t the thing that becomes the main talking point.”

“[It should be] the dining or the kids’ facilities or the entertainment onboard or actually those fantastic destinations they visit [that is the topic of discussion],” he said.

TTG Digital

[image courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line]

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