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British Transport Police officers on patrol (photo: British Transport Police)

Explosive devices found at London airports

Three small “improvised explosive devices” were found at London’s Heathrow and City airports and at Waterloo rail station.

Two “improvised explosive devices” have been found near London’s Heathrow and City airports, while a third was discovered at the UK capital’s Waterloo rail station.

All three devices have been disabled, the city’s Metropolitan police confirmed. An investigation has linked the three incidents but no arrests have yet been made.

Each of the three packages was an A4-sized white postal bag containing yellow padded envelopes and a small improvised explosive device.

The packages, which “appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened”, were reported to have Irish postage stamps on them.

Package ignites
Staff at the Compass Centre, which serves as Heathrow airport’s head office, opened the package causing it to ignite.

However, no one was injured and the building was evacuated before special officers arrived on the scene. Flights were unaffected.

Another suspicious package arrived at London City Airport’s City Aviation House, and a further one appeared in the post room at Waterloo.

There was no impact on flights or rail services, although Docklands Light Railway services to London City were temporarily suspended.

Police are urging employees and travellers at London’s transport hubs to be vigilant and to report any potentially suspicious packages.

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