Express security for Danish domestic fliers

Copenhagen Airport to speed up passage for domestic passengers 
Copenhagen Airport is launching a new express security check for domestic passengers, starting from noon today.
The airport says that ‘Domestic Travellers CPH Express’ ensures the fastest possible way through security for passengers flying to Jutland and Bornholm.
Domestic fliers make up just 6% of the airport’s total passenger numbers. Politicians had to change the law for the measure so that separate fast-track security could be implemented, as previously it was illegal to discriminate between domestic and international passengers.
“Domestic traffic is crucial for Copenhagen Airport as thousands of Danes travel every day from various Danish airports to Copenhagen Airport, and many people from the capital use Copenhagen Airport for travelling to holiday destinations or meetings in Jutland and Bornholm,” said Kasper Hyllested, the airport’s press officer.
“That’s why we are very pleased to offer domestic travellers an even easier and quicker way through the airport.”
Copenhagen Post

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