Extra €2.8 million for Oktoberfest security

Munich to spend millions more to beef up measures
In the wake of terror attacks in Paris, Brussels and Istanbul, Munich may spend up to €3 million more on security and other measures for the annual Oktoberfest this year. But overcrowding is as big a concern as terrorism.
With three months to go before the start of the world’s most famous celebration of beer, Munich says that about 100 more security personnel will be deployed.
In addition, there will be bag checks at entrances for the first time this year, and a loudspeaker system in several languages will be used for emergencies.
Bringing in more security guards will cost €2.2 million more than last year alone, bringing total extra costs to €2.8 million.
More than six million visitors are expected at the event. Overcrowding is another big concern, as each day brings half a million people to just 30 hectares of land. Such crowds are hard to control.
“For me the general problem of crowding at Wiesn [Oktoberfest] is more worrisome than a terrorist attack,” a police spokesman said.

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