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FAA warns of possibly faulty 737 wing parts

The US Federal Aviation Administration has released a warning that some Boeing 737s may have parts in their wings that are faulty.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says there is another problem with some of Boeing’s 737 commercial jets.

Following an investigation conducted by Boeing and the FAA Certificate Management Office, the agency determined that up to 148 parts manufactured by a Boeing supplier are affected.

Boeing has identified groups of both 737NG and 737MAX aircraft on which these suspect parts may have been installed, with a total of 133 NG and 179 MAX aircraft involved. However, the company has found only 21 of the NGs and 20 of the MAXs with the faulty parts, with the remainder still requiring checks.

Safety procedures
Though the problem is not considered something that could lead to a crash, Boeing is contacting airlines that own the 737s in question, and the FAA has issued an airworthiness order directing airlines to immediately inspect the aircraft.

The FAA says none of the parts has failed yet, and even a complete failure would not result in the loss of an aircraft. Nevertheless, it says the parts could result in damage during flights and so it is issuing the airworthiness directive.

Operators of affected aircraft are required to perform the change within ten days.

This manufacturing defect is apparently unrelated to the previously well-publicised problems with the MAX aircraft.

The FAA has also alerted international civil aviation authorities of this condition and required action.

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