Face recognition tech tested at Helsinki Airport

Finnair and Finavia test new technology at check-in
Finnair and airport operator Finavia, together with Finnish digital services firm Futurice, are testing the use of face recognition technology for the check-in process of Finnair flights at Helsinki Airport.
During the test period, between May 2 and 23, the companies will see how effective face recognition technology is in the airport environment and in the systems and processes used by the airline.
Finnair has invited a group of 1,000 frequent flyers to take part in the test. Their portraits have been sent to the test system, so that when checking in to their flights they will use a designated check-in desk where the face recognition technology is installed.
A customer service agent then checks the passenger’s travel information and indicates in the test system if the face recognition was successful.
Last year, Finavia tested facial recognition technology at employee security control, the results of which it says were “very encouraging.”
“Face recognition technology could offer possibilities for smoothing the departure process from the customer’s point of view, and eliminate the need for a boarding pass,” says Sari Nevanlinna, head of ground experience and ancillary at Finnair.
“This test will give us information on the applicability of face recognition technology for our processes, and the impact it has on the customer experience.”
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