Facebook to become travel booking threat?

Expedia CEO says he expects Facebook to follow Google
The chief executive of Expedia predicts that Facebook will follow Google into the online travel booking business.
Facebook is already working on e-commerce, allowing users to save their payment data on its site and purchase products they see advertised there by using the ‘buy’ button. It’s only a matter of time before vacations are being booked there too, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says.
“We do think that travel is such a significant portion of e-commerce that Facebook will have a travel-specific product,” he said.
Expedia and competitors like Priceline Group have quickly evolved into massive companies, taking a cut from hotels and flights as travellers book on their websites. Google now also allows users to book trips and accommodation directly through its search engine.
Once Facebook take the travel route there could be both risks and opportunities for Expedia and its rivals, Khosrowshahi explains, for example by using the social network as a platform to sell their own products.
“Social as a channel, Facebook as a channel, none of us have quite figured it out,” he says. “If there’s a player that figures out social in a big-scale way, that’s a player that is going to steal share, over us and the other traditional players.”


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