Family of tourists beaten unconscious in Thailand

Couple in their 60s and son in 40s punched and kicked
Two men and a woman were beaten by locals and left lying in a street in the beachside resort of Hua Hin, Thailand, it has emerged.
The three members of the family, from the UK, including a man and woman in their 60s and their son in his 40s, were punched to the ground and knocked unconscious by kicks to the face during a Thai festival, the Guardian reports.
CCTV footage posted online shows the assault taking place. It starts when a young British man briefly touches shoulders with a Thai man carrying a bottle, who then pushes him to the ground.
The woman argues with the Thai man before several Thai men punch the family until all three are on the ground. When they try to get up, they are kicked in the face and remain motionless on the ground.
The attack happened on April 13 but the video has only just been posted online. Local police are believed to have arrested and charged three men in their 20s and 30s, but a fourth is yet to be found. The Thai attackers are reported to have been drunk during the assault.
The Guardian

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