Famous Flåm Railway enters virtual reality

Norway’s popular attraction can now be experienced at home
Now it’s possible to travel along Norway’s famous Flåm Railway, from start to finish, and experience the wild and breathtaking mountain scenery and waterfalls from the comfort of your own home.
Filmed by UK marketing agency Verve Search and produced by Expedia, Virtual Flåm is “a virtual reality train journey”, its creators say, and is also compatible with virtual reality devices to make a “fully immersive 360º video”.
One of the steepest train journeys in the world on regular tracks and one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions, Flåm has been listed as one of the top 10 train journeys in Europe by National Geographic. Lonely Planet Traveller named it the world’s most incredible train journey of 2014.
The steep journey starts at the high mountain station of Myrdal, on the Oslo-Bergen line. It runs down to Flåm at the end of the fjord Aurlandsfjorden. By attaching a 360º camera to the front of the train and recording the entire journey from Myrdal to Flåm, the 44-minute ride can be viewed from the driver’s point of view. It can be seen here.
“We obviously did this to enable people to experience Flåm from their living room. Technology is changing the way we communicate with and experience the world around us. […] The advantage of this technology is that it allows people to experience the wild and fascinating Norwegian nature without actually going to Flåm themselves,” said Hanna Sture, outreach executive at Verve Search.
Charlotte Gogstad, spokesperson for Expedia, said: “Virtual Flåm is an innovative way to present the spectacular Flåm Railway. […] It has made it possible to show everyone why this specific train journey is so popular.”
She added: “In 2016, Norway has experienced great numbers in terms visitors. The western parts of the country turned out to be the most popular destination during the summer months. Due to this, we think that the best way to present Norway is by travelling along the world famous Flåm Railway.”
Bengt Hammer, marketing manager for the Flåm Railway, said: “This year is the 75th anniversary of the Flåm Railway, and the railway is more essential and requested than ever before. Flåm Utvikling, the company responsible for sales and marketing activities of the Flåm Railway, estimates 920,000 visitors in 2016.”
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