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Farewell to TTG Nordic, hello to Standby Nordic

Scandinavia’s leading English-language travel industry news site gets a rebrand.

Travelmedia Nordic has just relaunched its English-language media, which, under the name, will focus on Nordic travel and aviation news.

Today, and STANDBY are both the leading Danish-language media for the travel and aviation industry in Scandinavia. Their English-language sister publication TTG Nordic has now been relaunched and is called from today

With the relaunch we have at the same time chosen to tighten up the content. In the future, the majority of the news will focus on what is happening in the travel and aviation industry in the Nordic and Baltic countries, spiced up with the most important international stories.

In this way, we will convey the aviation and travel news from a market covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, the Faroes, Iceland and the Baltic countries – a combined market area of 33 million inhabitants.

“With the relaunch of our English-language media, we will strengthen the dissemination of news about the travel and aviation industry in the Nordic and Baltic countries,” says Ole Kirchert Christensen, Managing Director of Travelmedia Nordic and editor-in-chief of the company’s media.

“In addition, we will strengthen the availability of relevant industry news for those employees who do not have one of the Scandinavian languages as their mother tongue.”

From Vilnius, Oslo, Copenhagen
The daily editorial management of has been placed in the hands of British-born Howard Jarvis, who is based in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

The flow of English-language news in the Nordic and Baltic travel and aviation markets is monitored from there and is complemented by special FOCUS articles written by aerospace expert Hans Jørgen Elnæs in Oslo. Finally, there will be backup from the editors in Denmark, as some of the larger stories from the domestic market will also find their way to

In addition to redefining the priorities of the content, also has a visual style and category structure similar to STANDBY, which will make it easier to visit both media.

“We are pleased to introduce our many readers to the relaunched media, and I am convinced that our readers will quickly feel the impact of these new initiatives,” says Howard Jarvis, editor of

All news published on is collected in a newsletter that is broadcast on all weekdays at 13:00 CET.

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