Farnborough airshow day 4, AirAsia placed a giant order with Airbus

Boeing and Airbus recorded another good sales day as new customers signed deals.

Day 4 is historically the last day for new aircraft deals, but what a day

Boeing sales and options of the day

Hawaiian Airlines ordered 10 Boeing 787-9, valued to USD 2.9 billion and signed for 10 options of the same type.
An undisclosed customer signed for 100 Boeing 737 MAX, valued to USD 11.0 billion.

Airbus sales and options of the day

Air Asia signed up for 34 Airbus A330neos and confirmed previous order for 66 of the same type, total valued to USD 30 billion.
VietJet ordered 50 Airbus A320neos, valued to USD 6.5 billion.
SaudiGulf ordered 10 Airbus A320neos, valued to USD 1.1 billion.

Total aircraft sales at Farnborough airshow 2018 by Boeing and Airbus

Sales of aircrafts, equipment and services during the 2018 airshow outside London reached record levels and confirms that the airlines are positive to growing passenger volumes in the years to come. One interesting note is that the number of long range single aisle aircrafts as Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A321 are booming and will likely result in massive capacity increase in several markets;
South-Atlantic between Brazil and Europe, North-Atlantic between Europe USA and Canada, between Europe and Africa, between Europe and Middle-East and between Europe and Indian-sub continent.
Not to forget within Asia.
Air Asia massive order for 100 Airbus A330neos will boost low-cost long-haul from Asia to several destinations.

Boeing received a total of 673 aircraft sales and options, valued to USD 98 billion!
Airbus received a total of 431 aircraft sales and options, valued to USD 75 billion!

Total sales at Farnborough inclusive aircrafts, equipment and services are valued to more than USD 200 billion at list prices, but normally the aircraft producers give 40-60 percent discount, depending on size of order and customer profile.

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