Faroe airport now bigger than Aarhus

Faroes’ Vága Floghavn leapfrogs Aarhus’ airport
The Faroe Islands’ airport Vága Floghavn is now bigger than Aarhus Airport, to become the fourth largest airport in the Danish kingdom after Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg.
Growth continued in the tourist season through to August, a month when 41,162 tourists arrived and departed Vága. The number of flights was 21.3% higher compared to August 2016.
So far this year, the airport has seen 242,197 visitors from January to August, up 16.1%, which is around 6,000 more than the passengers using Aarhus Airport.
In recent years, the Faroese airport has opened a new passenger terminal, built an extended runway to accept bigger planes and lowered passenger charges.
TTG Nordic