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The cliffs of Drangarnir (photo: Visit Vagar)

Faroes expands new tour booking platform

The biggest tour booking platform for the Faroe Islands has expanded, with over 100 local tours and activities available.

Travellers to the Faroe Islands and travel agents can now choose among more than 100 local tours and activities on the newly launched booking platform Guide to Faroe Islands.

The site is described as “the largest gathering of the tourism industry on the small islands with grand ambitions for sustainable tourism”.

The Faroes are still one of the world’s most remote destinations and many potential visitors around the world would struggle to find them on a map. But local guides and operators expect to receive a growing number of arrivals “in an authentic and sustainable manner”.

Many of the tours and operators at the guidetofaroeislands.fo joint booking platform are new and include everything from birdwatching tours to the puffin island of Mykines, private hiking tours to Instagram favourites Múlafossur and Trælanípan, and ocean kayaking underneath the majestic cliffs of Drangarnir.

Sustainable growth
The multi-vendor platform has received a warm welcome by the Faroese travel industry with most travel companies and individual tour guides there now included.

The Faroe Islands say they have no plans for mass tourism and instead are taking a more sustainable route to growth.

The new website has been endorsed by the government body Visit Faroe Islands as an “enabler of sustainable tourism promoting geographically dispersed activities” from providers across the islands.

Guide to Faroe Islands says the platform will work closely with local authorities, landowners and interest groups and is adapting the trips and activities on offer to local needs and restrictions to support sustainable tourism.

It also says it acts as an aggregator for travel agencies around the world, who can distribute and sell tours via the site’s ‘partner portal’.

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