Faroes marketing extends warm winter welcome

VisitFaroeIslands creates “an unconventional invitation”

VisitFaroeIslands has launched a new winter film – together with the Faroese population. The aim of the marketing is to encourage people to visit in winter.

The Faroe Islands are “just as beautiful and pristine in winter as in summer, but not as visited”, the destination marketing body says. So a “new beautiful winter movie showing some of the experiences and the incredible landscape one can visit in the winter” has been made. The film can be seen here.

People who live in the Faroe Islands have committed themselves to sending the movie to friends and acquaintances. Schools, public institutions and businesses have got involved in the campaign on social media.

“In the Faroe Islands we are proud of our country, and with winter movie we all had a medium we can share, so we can show the world why Faroe Islands is also a place you must experience the winter,” says Guðrið Højgaard, director of VisitFaroeIslands.

The film is part of an overall “U-concept” marketing effort, which is designed to share the uniqueness of the Faroe Islands. Unspoiled, Unexplored and Unbelievable are among the words used in the campaign.

TTG Nordic

[image courtesy VisitFaroeIslands]

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