Faroes see record air passengers

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Vágar Airport welcomes more passengers than in whole of 2016

The airport in the Faroe Islands, Vágar Airport, welcomed more than 300,000 passengers during the first 10 months of 2017 – more than it saw in the whole of last year.

The record numbers come following the opening of a new passenger terminal, an extended runway to accept bigger planes and lowered passenger charges.

By the end of October, 300,469 passengers had passed through the airport, representing growth of 17% compared with the same period last year. The total for the whole of 2016 was 292,393.

The stats for October were stronger than ever, with 29,405 people flying to or from Vágar, a growth of 24.4% from the same month last year.

The airport director, Jákup Sverri Kass, puts the growth down to the increasing range of flights the stormy North Atlantic islands, including from the Faroes’ own carrier Atlantic Airways. There is also a broader range of the nationalities of tourists exploring the islands.

Lost customer
The lack of accommodation, which is still a bottleneck for tourist development, is now being addressed, the airport director says.

“While there have been more overnight stays in the Faroe Islands, there have also been reports that tourists have been unable to be accommodated in hotels. So we are pleased that one of the major hotels has announced it will double its capacity in the coming years,” he says.

The lack of accommodation has meant that the airport lost an important client in 2017. Scotland’s Loganair had planned to start flying between Aberdeen and the Faroes from May 26, but because a large number of seats were dedicated to a tour operator that could not find enough beds on the islands, the route was never opened.

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