Faroes’ Vagar Airport cuts passenger charges

Extended runway and new terminal finished on budget
The Faroe Islands’ only airport says that due to improving finances it has reduced passenger charges to DKK 165 (€22) per person from DKK 185, effective immediately.
Since 2011, when the runway was extended from 1250 to 1799 meters, there has been strong growth in passenger numbers at Vagar Airport. Now a newly renovated terminal, which has been operating for more than six months, has boosted earnings potential still further. This includes record sales in the newly expanded tax-free area.
“Since we have managed to build both the runway and the new terminal to prices budgeted and on time, we now have the opportunity to bring passenger charges down and invest in more improvements around the passenger areas – and invest more in improving punctuality”, says Kitty May Ellefsen, the airport’s chairman.
Faroes carrier Atlantic Airways is increasing frequencies on its Bergen and Reykjavik routes and solidifying all-year flights to Copenhagen and Billund. It will also operate routes to Edinburgh, Mallorca and Barcelona.
TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy Vagar Airport]