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Fast security for bunad-wearing passengers

Oslo Airport celebrates Constitution Day by offering speedy security for passengers in traditional costume.

Norwegian Constitution Day, which celebrates the day in 1814 that declared Norway to be an independent kingdom, is often marked by people dressing up in traditional national costume.

As it has done in the past, Oslo Airport is celebrating this year’s May 17 holiday – typically a time of plentiful travel in Norway – by accepting passengers who are wearing bunad traditional costumes in its dedicated security checkpoints. That includes both May 16 and 17.

In total, the airport is expecting 94,900 people to be passing through on May 16 and 50,000 on May 17, so the extra alleviation will be welcome.

“There are large numbers of travellers in the days around May 17, and the preceding day up to 100,000 people will travel to or from Oslo Airport. We have decorated the airport and are ready to welcome everyone travelling,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, communications director.

So if you happen to be wearing a bunad while travelling on May 16 or 17, you are free to use the speedier family security checkpoints. It’s a service for those who choose to travel when dressed up, the airport stresses, and is an offer that has been in place for the past three years.

“This has become a great tradition, and we feel that it’s nice to show our appreciation to those who want to travel in their bunad,” says Andersen, who also provides some tips for anyone in their finest dress.

Jewellery in a box
“You are permitted to wear your bunad and bring your bunad jewellery as hand luggage, but it can pay to prepare before passing the security checkpoint,” he advises.

“Brooches, buttons and jewellery will trigger the metal detector. Gather your bunad jewellery in a bag or box and present it at the security checkpoint when mentioning that you have [it] in your hand luggage.”

The director has a special point to communicate about Constitution Day cakes.

“Cakes don’t travel very well as checked luggage, but passengers are free to consider their options. Previously passengers have shared cakes they have been unable to bring through the security checkpoint with other passengers and employees. This has lightened the atmosphere at the security checkpoint.”

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