Fear of further terror attacks in Turkey

Terrorist kills 10 people in Istanbul suicide attack
Shops and restaurants around the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district are usually full. Today they are open, but deserted. This is no surprise when the German government is warning its tourists to stay away from crowded areas, the BBC reports.
A suspected Islamic State group terrorist killed 10 people in a suicide bomb attack in the area yesterday, at least eight of them German tourists.
Fifteen others were wounded, many also German. The dead included two married couples. One Norwegian was confirmed to be among the injured.
Officials say a Syrian national carried out the attack, although some media reports are saying he was born in Saudi Arabia.
As IS loses territory in Iraq and in Syria, its members may now be tempted to carry out more such attacks in neighbouring Turkey as well as in Europe and the US.
Germany represents the largest number of tourists visiting Turkey. In 2014, 23.6 million people visited the country in total, the top three being Germans 5.1 million (21.5%), Russians 3.7 million (15.6%), Britons 1.5 million (6.3%).

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