Fertility tourism boosts Denmark visits

German couples flock northwards for pregnancy help
The number of Germans visiting Denmark is on the rise, but not for the west coast’s sandy beaches. They’re coming to have babies.
“The number of Germans coming for fertility treatment is almost doubling each year,” Carsten Petersen, a consultant at the Ciconia private hospital in Aarhus, tells Flensborg Avis, a newspaper in the border town of Flensburg, which has a sizeable Danish population.
Earlier, the clinic’s patients were usually from Norway or Sweden, but now more and more are coming from Germany.
“There are over 80 million people in Germany, and in most regions single people or for example lesbian couples generally can’t access fertility treatment. So they register with us and others, where the rules are less strict,” Petersen explains.
Some two million couples in Germany have difficulty conceiving, as well as couples in non-traditional relationships. Doctors are advising them to travel to Denmark for fertility treatment. Germany does not allow anonymous sperm donation, but Danish rules are some of the most liberal in the world.
“In Germany they are also not allowed to extract eggs, grow them and put the exact right ones back. We are able to do that,” Petersen assures.
Flensborg Avis / The Local