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Carnival Cruise Line

Fights “go on for days” on “cruise from hell”

Cruise passengers stay locked in their cabins in fear of a nightmare family group.

An entire extended family of 23 people have been kicked off a ten-day cruise in the South Pacific after mass brawls and intimidating behaviour towards other passengers.

Footage filmed by passengers which some members of staff tried to stop – shows the Carnival Legend’s crew and security personnel struggling to deal with fights that culminated in a mass brawl between passengers shortly after midnight on Friday morning.

Carnival Cruise Lines later confirmed that the large family group had instigated “violent and disruptive acts” on the ship heading to Melbourne, forcing it to make an unscheduled stop in New South Wales where police handcuffed and removed the 23 passengers.

Up to 30 people were reportedly injured during the sailing, which passengers described as a “cruise from hell”.

Demand for refunds
In various incidents, passengers walking past were thrown to the ground, punched and kicked, threats were made to stab them and throw them overboard, various passengers were seen walking around with cut heads and hands, while others were afraid to leave their cabins.

Carnival says that the decision to remove an entire family was unprecedented. Passengers, meanwhile, are starting to demand full refunds from the cruise line.

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