Finavia tests ‘mixed reality’ in airport ops

New tech could be used to anticipate passenger flows
Air transport IT company SITA is investigating the opportunities of mixed reality in airport management, using Helsinki Airport as a pilot site. Mixed reality, sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, combines virtual worlds with physical reality.
Finnish airport operator Finavia is a partner in the cooperation scheme, which has just begun and was announced at the annual Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels last week.
When looking at mixed reality, it is possible to see both the physical and the digital worlds and interact with both. The new technology could be used in airports in anticipating passenger flows, for example.
In practice, the technology could mean using smart glasses to watch data displays and see a live hologram airport model simultaneously.
According to a longer-term vision, the intention is to make all information on airport operations visible in the same place, Finavia says.
“In many fields, mixed reality has proved to be a useful tool for data visualisation and processing. We are really enthusiastic about being involved in investigating opportunities to use the new technology,” said Eero Knuutila, responsible for service development at Finavia.
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